How It Works

At HelloPrenup we believe that creating your prenuptial agreement should be hassle-free and affordable

At $599 per couple, HelloPrenup costs a quarter of what an attorney would typically charge to draft your prenuptial agreement.

Here’s how HelloPrenup works:

Create your HelloPrenup account. Follow the prompts and fill out the necessary information to get started.
Invite your fiancé to HelloPrenup. You and your partner will then be able to work on the document together.
Complete the initial questionnaire, which begins with basics like your name and address, then tackles property and income.
You will then go through our Issue Identification process, which allows you and your partner to spot any inconsistencies.

You and your partner can address any of the aforementioned inconsistencies via our Discussion & Issue Resolution step. Communication is key!

It’s time for final document delivery! Once paid, you will be able to print and sign your prenuptial agreement. HelloPrenup charges $599 per couple, and must be paid by one fiancé prior to download. Should you choose to hire an attorney to review your agreement prior to signing, you can simply bring them the easily edited word document.

Celebrate! Your prenuptial agreement is finished and now you can get back to planning your big day!
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